Sales & Marketing

Our history of strong organic growth has meant that we have to continually push the boundaries in recruiting and developing the strongest teams and then giving them the latest tools to allow them to find and engage with customers in the best possible way. The use of the web , social media and video are becoming increasingly important in our go to market SME proposition and we will continue to invest in our marketing group to ensure we stay at the forefront in these critical areas.

Sales & Marketing Telesales

Telesales is at the core of our business model and the group now has more than 350 trained sales professionals across all our geographies from the UK to Singapore. Our model however, is continually evolving from its origins of cold calling to a complex multi channel approach where leads are developed in a wide variety of ways from traditional direct mail to Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns.

Sales & Marketing Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is still a very important route to market in nearly all our markets. We source our customer data in a wide variety of ways to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our targeting. We then create bespoke campaigns on an ongoing basis using in-house design teams which allows us to keep our messaging fresh and vary the positioning of our products.

Sales & Marketing Digital Marketing

This is one of the most rapidly changing elements in our business and we are seeing completely new channels of customer engagement develop over very short time periods. Our digital team are constantly looking at these new channels and we are increasingly using video to illustrate our products and services through this media. Unlocking new routes to market in the SME segment is critical to our growth plans and we will continue to increase our investment in this team to maximise our opportunities going forward.

Sales & Marketing White Label / Outsourcing

White labelling our core fuel card and telematics products is an important part of our customer proposition. We try and differentiate ourselves from our competitors with our agile project mentality as well as the technical innovation in the solutions that we offer. Customers can choose everything from simple transaction switching to a full service solution that can even include sales and marketing. Our customers are major oil companies and fuel card businesses where we can brand our products to give their customers a seamless experience as they move between systems.

Technical innovation is key to this sector where our clients expect our solutions to be at the forefront of a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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