Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing departments are key to our business. We offer full training for our Sales roles so we are able to offer opportunities to people who have never had any Sales experience before. Our focused induction, excellent people management and ongoing coaching allows Sales novices to become confident and successful members of the team.  Our growing Marketing department is made up of teams specialising in Direct and Digital Marketing, Video Production and Design.  They help to provide the Leads for our global Sales Departments to contact our customers.

“There is always a positive, dynamic atmosphere within our team and it is impossible to go through a day without a few jokes. However, we do all know when to knuckle down, remain focused and work hard.”  

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The IT department are committed to developing and implementing dynamic and forward-looking applications and IT solutions to support the Company’s Mission, Vision and Brand. We do all of our own development and continually strive to improve our customers’ experience. Our IT department has doubled in size over the past 3 years and we have even opened up our own dedicated Technology Centre in Manchester City Centre. We are able to offer our IT staff access to new technologies, a variety of projects and career progression.

“My line manager and colleagues are exceptional. They have helped me frequently since I started working in my position, my manager communicates targets to me on a monthly basis and reviews work that I have completed. We also catch up weekly to discuss work and concerns.”

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Finance and Credit

Our Finance and Credit departments have opportunities for entry level applicants, graduates and experienced professionals. Our Credit department is made up of four functions that deal with customers throughout their lifecycle; vetting, monitoring, collections and debt recovery. We deal with over 5000 new applications each month. Our Finance Department is centralised at our head office in Crewe.

“I feel that both my Line Manager and Supervisor regularly keep me updated and train me on new facets of the role with the aim of cross-training the team to better equip us for covering each other.”

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Other Functions

At our head office in Crewe, Cheshire we have all of our shared services departments including Operations, Purchasing, Customer Service and Account Management, HR and Commercial.

“I feel that as a department we have a great relationship. There are always people willing to help and everyone works well as a team.”

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Our Executive Team is critical to the success of our global business. We are constantly working to improve our management team at all levels which is critical to how we intend to widen our service offering and maintain the momentum of our organic growth model.

Meet the Team

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