Electric Vehicles

Radius Electric Vehicles (REV) is our youngest division and as the name suggests is focussed on e-mobility which is the concept of using electric motors as a replacement to internal combustion engines for the propulsion of vehicles and fleets. The division is split broadly into two areas the first being the provision of charging units for either business or home use and the second is the supply of charging networks using cards or mobile payment mechanisms.
Our aim is to meet the changing needs of our customers over the forthcoming years as the use of diesel and petrol in transportation declines and various new technologies including e-mobility and other greener fuel sources grow in importance. The division has started on the continent and in particular The Netherlands and Belgium which are seeing some of the highest rates of electric vehicles sales in Europe and where the charging networks are developing most rapidly. We acquired a fifty percent share in ChargePoint Europe one of The Netherlands leading suppliers of charging units where we plan to accelerate growth and continue to develop the technology. We have also launched an e-mobility card in Belgium and plan to role this concept out across all our major European markets.

Chargepoint Europe is our EV charger manufacturing business in the Netherlands that supplies customers across Europe.

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