Our Fuel division is where the company started over 30 years ago selling diesel to trucking customers under the UK Fuels brand. The business now spans across 18 countries and is one of the largest resellers for many of the worlds Major Oil Companies as well as having an extensive Own Brand network throughout Europe.
Our customers include nearly every type of business from very small SMEs to major Truck, Van and car fleets and everything in between. Our extensive card options mean that users can choose the best network and pricing options to suit their needs. Our proprietary software “Velocity”allows customers to manage their accounts , get critical usage alerts and much more whether they are in the office at the PC or on the move via their tablets or smartphones.

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United Kingdom

UK Fuels is a reseller of fuel cards for all major oil companies, has its own branded fuel card and offers a range of services including diesel bunkering and bulk fuel deliveries to larger fleets. Established over 30 years ago, UK Fuels of Crewe has one of the largest independent fuel networks in the UK.


Diesel Card Ireland (dci) is one of the largest fuel card providers in Ireland. With offices in Galway and Derry, dci offers its own brand dci fuel card to business fleets in both the north and the south of Ireland.


Belgian Fuel Card (BFC) is a Shell fuel card reseller based in Ronse, Belgium. BFC offers both the Network Fleet Card and the Shell CRT fuel card to customer across Belgium.


Tankkarten Service (TKS) is a fuel card reseller based in central Berlin. It offers fuel cards from the major oil companies including Esso and Shell as well as the Novofleet fuel card.


Servizio Carte Carburanti Italia (SCCI) offers fuel card solutions to businesses across Italy. It is a major reseller of the Cartissima Q8 fuel card as well as offering a white labelled version of the DKV fuel card.


Diesel Card Service (DCS) operates from Breda, Netherlands. It sells its own brand Fleetcard fuel card to businesses across the Netherlands. It is also a reseller of major oil company fuel cards such as Esso and Shell.


Carte Carburant Services (CCS) is a fuel card reseller based in Lille, France. It offers fuel cards from major oil companies such as Esso and Shell, and the popular DKV fuel card with variants for national and international travel.


Based in Valencia, Spain, Tarjeta De Servicios Flota Internacional (TSFI) is a fuel card reseller offering fuel solutions to businesses across Spain. It offers cards from BP and DKV as well as a white labelled version of the H24 fuel card.


Fuel Card Service International (FCSI) provides fuel card solutions to companies in Portugal. From its office in Caldas da Rainha, FCSI is a major reseller for both BP and DKV, in addition to this it also sells its own brand CCP fuel card.


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Radius Fuel Cards is a reseller of the Shell fuel card to businesses of all sizes in Malaysia.


Radius Fuel Cards is a reseller of the Shell fuel card to businesses of all sizes in Singapore.


Fuel Card Service (FCS) offers its own brand Fleetpass fuel card and Esso brand fuel cards to businesses across Belgium.

European Diesel Card is a major provider to fleets that operate across the European continent. Operating from Radius offices across Europe, EDC offers an own brand fuel card that can be used at an ever-growing network of over 9000 fuel stations. In addition to fuel, EDC also offers toll payment and VAT recovery services.

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