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Discover the history of Radius, from the first transaction in the UK in March 1990 to the latest office openings in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

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  • 1990

    United Kingdom United Kingdom - UK Fuels has its first transaction at a Truckstop in Birmingham on the 1st of March 1990

  • 1994

    UK UK - BP Plus and BP Plus Bunker cards launched into the UK Market

  • 1995

    Ireland Ireland - European development begins with the formation of DCI a new joint venture in Ireland.

  • UK UK - Fastfuel, Texaco account card and JetCard follow as new products in quick succession.

  • 2000

    Denmark Denmark - The purchase of Danish outdoor payment terminal supplier Multiple Card Systems (MCS) marks the group's first move into Scandinavia.

  • UK UK - Shell and ESSO cards are added to the range of services offered in the UK

  • 2004

    Belgium Belgium - Belgium is chosen as the first country to develop on the continent with the formation of DCB.

  • 2006

    France France - A truckstop is purchased in Calais at one of the key transport hubs for the group's new European fuel card EDC.

  • UK UK - Fleetone a new fleet card is launched in the UK

  • 2007

    The Netherlands The Netherlands - A new Netherlands office is opened in Breda

  • 2008

    Belgium Belgium - Fleetpass a multi network card with widespread acceptance is launched in Belgium

  • UK UK - Diesel Price Guarantee Card launched in the UK

  • 2009

    Portugal Portugal - A new Portugal Office is opened

  • 2010

    Spain Spain - An office is opened in Valencia to allow the group to begin developing the Spanish market

  • 2011

    Italy Italy - The group expands into Italy with a partnership with Shell and an office in Milan is opened.

  • Velocity Velocity - Velocity the group's new web portal is launched, giving customers a unique way of accessing our products and services

  • 2012

    Sweden Sweden - A new Swedish office is opened continuing the group's expansion in Scandinavia.

  • The Netherlands The Netherlands - Fleetcard is launched in the Netherlands.

  • 2013

    Germany Germany - Berlin is chosen as the location for a new German office after a reseller contract is signed with Esso.

  • 2014

    Germany Germany - The Novofleet fleet card is launched in Germany

  • France France - A new French company is set up ( Carte Carburant Service ) and an office in Lille established

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - Radius launches its own unique expenses card ( Velos ) on the MasterCard platform

  • Portugal Portugal - BP Plus is launched in Portugal

  • 2015

    Kinesis Kinesis - Radius develops and launches a new vehicle tracking solution that is fully integrated with the fuel card products

  • France France - Radius becomes a reseller for E.Leclerc on France, doubling the size of its network.

  • Belgium Belgium - Network Fuel Card launches in Belgium.

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - FuelPlus, Bunkerplus and Truckone launched in the UK.

  • Ireland Ireland - Texaco Fastfuel and account card are launched in Ireland

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - A new sales office is opened in York

  • 2016

    Singapore Singapore - Radius begins an exciting new expansion into south east Asia with the opening of new office in Singapore.

  • Malaysia Malaysia - Exciting expansion in South East Asia continues with Kuala Lumpur office opening.

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - A new technology and innovation hub is opened in Manchester.

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - The velocity range of services is expanded further with the launch of Radius vehicle hire.

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom - Radius purchase "Track You" a large fleet telematics business with over 20,000 vehicles further enhancing the group's capability within this sector

  • Spain Spain - BP sales begin in Spain

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