Radius Connect

Radius Connect’s telecoms companies have over 30 years’ experience providing sophisticated solutions to major UK financial clients as well as simpler mobile, fixed and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products to companies of all sizes.

Radius Connect offers an extensive range of mobile and connectivity solutions to businesses of all sizes. Radius Connect has regional sales and support centres within the UK and offers technical expertise across security, compliance and unified communications.

Adam Phones is a leading independent service provider in mobile and fixed line communications. Based in London, Adam Phones has an enviable reputation spanning over 30 years in the market supporting the critical connectivity of small, medium and large enterprises across the globe.

Pure Telecom is an award-winning business telecoms provider based in Shrewsbury. Pure Telecom provides a full range of solutions including mobile, IP telephony, connectivity and cloud services to businesses of all sizes and sectors across Shropshire, the Midlands and the UK.

Trinity Maxwell provides an extensive range of business telecoms solutions across mobile and cloud services to a predominantly London-centric customer base. Trinity Maxwell has an excellent reputation in the telecoms industry as a result of their concierge levels of customer service and account management.

Reliance Networks is a specialist provider of fixed line and VOIP solutions to businesses in the North West and beyond. Reliance Networks has a great reputation for customer service based on its experienced technical and support teams and has a product set capable of providing solutions to major customers as well as small businesses.

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